Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine
Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine

Industrial manual interface and PLC of SIEMENS (Germany) make the high degree automation, accurate control and convenient operation. The document storage function simplifies the operational processes.

Working stations is driven by stable four guiding-pillars (GCr15 steel, outside is hard chrome plated) structure. Wear resistant, and extend equipment life.

Stretching servomotor of YASKAWA (Japan) controls the speed of the upper and lower die, this can maintain the uniform strength to ensure that the bottom thickness of each cup is uniformly. And the ser

Hydraulic driven system can provide adequately movement speed and strongly punching power.

The whole part is driven by hydraulic system, which is reliable and steady. Using proximity switch of ROCKWELL (USA) leads to excellent mould positioning precision.

The heater added vacuum insulation cotton, which shows quick response rate, short processing time, and save energy.

Sharp chain uses 65#Mn, which has higher strength, better heat resistance and elasticity than 45# steel.

The electric lubricating oil pump can automatically inject lubricating oil regularly and quantitatively through the control of computer under the condition of unmanned control, which can make the rota

Sheet feeding servo motor adopt YASKAWA brand, made in Japan, the rated power is 3Kw, ensure stable operation in the process of feeding.